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A true New Yorker through and through, Casey was born and raised on the city’s Upper West Side and has spent his life exploring the architecture, culture, neighborhoods, museums, restaurants, and nightlife that make New York the greatest city on earth!
After graduating with a J.D. from New York Law School, Casey’s passion for creativity and music led him to form Medium Rare, a Brooklyn-based Music & Arts collective bringing beautiful communities of people together for unique social experiences in one-of-a-kind venues throughout NYC. Medium Rare gave Casey an opportunity to not only fall in love with New York Real Estate through venue hunting for events, but simultaneously crafted his cast network of Real Estate enthusiasts who share his passion for matching the right people with the right space.
His 5 years with Medium Rare led to his newest collaboration with The Blumstein Team at Corcoran. Joining the seasoned team led by Meris and Kenny Blumstein has given him the tools and backing to seamlessly turn his knowledge and experience in negotiation and venue management into a successful real estate career. The combination of his organizational and management skills is amplified by his ability to offer a sense of calm to the sometimes stressful search for a home.
A proud member of the Blumstein Team at Corcoran, Casey puts his clients first and is known for being open, honest, and hardworking. He makes sure each client finds success with their real estate goals, while also striving to create a foundation that fosters a deeper and more personal connection with each individual client which often blossoms into a true friendship.

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