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I am a daughter, a wife, a mother, a friend, and a lover of dogs and sunshine. I am a colleague, a team player, and an independent thinker. And, I am a proud member of The Blumstein Team, one of the Best Real Estate Teams in the Country!  
I have lived so many different versions of my life in so many different places. Much thanks to my parents, I had a magical childhood full of travel and adventure and learned to enjoy the wonders of watching the clouds roll by. Life has given me the joys of seeing the sunset on the Acropolis, dining at Le Bernadin in both New York and Paris, and standing close enough to the Mona Lisa to check out her smile. I have flown the Concorde and walked to the top of a volcano.  
I landed in the City of New York after college and after having a family and sending them off into their own worlds, I joined The Blumstein Team. I say that because I did not “go into real estate” I joined a group of people who have a vision and drive and good intentions to help others and they happen to use these gifts in the pursuit of finding homes for the people of New York. At The Corcoran Group under phenomenal managers and with seasoned professionals in the real estate trade, I am enjoying the work I do with The Blumstein’s, finding homes and investments for our clients and in essence making some dreams come true for them.  
As the team coordinator, I enjoy managing and assisting each team member in their deals and helping them excel. I have the distinct pleasure of working with each of them as they strive to provide the best possible service to their clients and get them to the closing table with a smile. As a Licensed Real Estate Salesperson I also find some time to make a few deals of my own. I am grateful and fortunate for the path that life has taken me on. Being a part of The Blumstein Team and working with The Corcoran Group feels like home.

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